University City

A special area within the Pacific Coast is the master planned University City. Home to both new universities and schools with special interest in the study of natural sciences and resources indigenous to the mountain and coastal ecosystems found within close proximity, as well as to established universities currently situated within crowded urban centers but would like to move to a place more conducive to learning this planned University City promises to be absolutely different.

We shall emphasize science and technology in this University City to make us globally competitive. Graduates of schools in this area will be absorbed by the companies in the Agro-Industrial City since there shall be close coordination between the human resources needs of the Industrial City and the programs that the schools shall offer. In other words, there shall be strict linkages between the "users” and "used.” There shall be no misfit and unemployment practically nil.

For example, the children of farmers, fishermen and other workers in the Pacific Coast, who may be interested in becoming their own boss, or entrepreneurs, can take special courses/trainings and seminars to teach them how to become successful entrepreneurs. Farming and fishing are enterprises/small businesses themselves which these young adults can engage in. With science and technology, these farmers or fishermen, predictably, will do better than their predecessors.

Or if the students choose to become computer technicians, or mechanics or factory managers, the schools at University City have courses specifically to teach them how to acquire the necessary skills, aptitude and discipline. There will be synergy between the schools and the factories/companies that are in the Pacific Coast City. We’re putting together the men and women and the machines/laboratories together in one setting.

Our country cannot be industrialized if we keep sending our high tech graduates abroad, even if they send back their earnings here. "Brain drain” cannot be solved if we spend so much on our graduates and then send them abroad to work. It is indeed sad and frustrating if we cannot provide ample employment opportunities to our graduates. How can they use their genius, their creativity, and their talents to help develop our country? But our companies/offices/factories at the Agro-Industrial City shall be able to absorb the graduates of our University City.

Further, this University City shall have a special school or institute to teach parenting. While it is true that parenting is second nature to men and women who bring children to this world, it will be a good and relevant to expose parents and would-be parents to a particular art – how to raise children properly. There is a "science” to parenthood. With the right training and refocusing of mental, psychological and spiritual outlooks, we can look forward to more well-rounded individuals, children who shall become more responsible, more affectionate adults.

Corollary to this special school of parenthood is a school for citizenship training. Short-term courses or seminar workshops shall also be offered in this University City. Training Filipinos to be good citizens, to become patriotic is a goal that is not only farsighted but something that can teach them to be more responsible and caring about the country they live in. After all, being Filipino means being able to make sacrifices for the good of the country and not just being productive for their own individual good. The good of the country should prevail or take priority over the individual Filipino’s good.

Where are the Pacific Coast Cities Located?

Located on the Eastern seaboard of Luzon with a total land mass of about 80,000 hectares, it is bounded by San Luis, Aurora on the North, Gen. Nakar, Aurora on the South, The Pacific Ocean on the East, and Nueva Ecija on the West.